I dreamed of Alan Rickman

I Dreamed of Alan Rickman


One night, not long ago, I dreamed of Alan Rickman. 

He sent me a love letter.

As I read the letter, it felt as if Alan Rickman were standing behind me, bringing those words to life in that hazelnut praline voice of his.

But then again.

I may have made that bit up for dramatic effect.

The problem was that I was in a relationship with someone else at the time, and it was going well. I didn’t want to jeopardise what I had.

I spoke to a friend, and she cried

“You’re a fool! Don’t you know how long Alan Rickman has ardently admired and loved you?”

Indeed, she was right. I had always known of his affections.

I had felt them too.

But we had never spoken of it.


I did not reply to Alan Rickman’s letter. I ignored it.

If only I had spoken out. If only I had told him.

Each night, I wait in hope that Alan Rickman will write to me again…

I will keep you updated.








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