Love in a Library

Love in a Library, Charlie Castor, Fun with Depression

Love in a Library

Our eyes met

In the self-help section,

Both reaching

For Dating in a Recession.


We kissed in Biographies

And held hands in Fiction.

You said you had

A Reader’s Digest subscription.


Kisses like stamps

In the books that we borrowed.

Renewed again,

Return tomorrow.


Passion inflamed,

And questions we asked.

I studied your form,

As I sipped from my flask.


Letters passed

From me to you.

Was this the beginning

Of a love, long overdue?


The tension began to mount

And mount.

You were the book I was desperate

To check-out.


And then your hand

Moved down to my waist.

Breathing with haste,

I said ‘Let’s go!’


‘Let’s make love in the library.

We can do it quietly,

In the section, Elderly Hair-care.

Nobody will find us there.’


You took off my sandals

And my skirt.

I removed your coat

And tore off your shirt.


Eyes gleamed,

Glasses steamed,

Heated cheeks

And sneaky peeks


In case

We should scare

An elderly lady

Interested in hair care.


At the moment of climax,

I was taken aback.

You shouted ‘JANE AUSTEN’.

Another woman! Some tramp!


‘Let me explain!’

You protested in vain.

Save it for your next conquest,

I said, as I grabbed my vest.


4 thoughts on “Love in a Library”

  1. JUST LOVED THIS!!! Your wordplay is brilliant here! My fave line…
    “Of a love, long overdue” And the haircare stuff! LOL. Really like the way your mind works, Charlie! I could binge-read your blog all night long, but I have an early morning meeting and must get some sleep. But I’ll be back! Hope you don’t mind if I leave you a little poem that I once wrote (long ago) and which I had forgotten about until just now when I read your amazing, “Love in the Library.”

    What’s Your Story?

    I like your beginning,
    and the hook that draws me in
    You aren’t my genre,
    your verbs gritty and taut
    providing pages of paper cuts
    but the thrust of your theme,
    and novel narrative
    your past, present and future tense
    drags me through your middle
    where my eyes rivet on your
    large body of work.
    Wrestling with your conflict,
    your character,
    and complicated point of view – –
    But it’s your climactic ending,
    the plotting for long lost literary lust
    and first person passages
    which places me on your same page
    as I read between your lines
    I’m ready to start another chapter
    underneath your hardbound covers.

    I’d like to pre-order your sequel…..

    1. That’s a hilarious poem! I love the ending “I’d like to pre-order your sequel…” Great stuff 🙂
      Glad ‘love in a library’ made you laugh. I was in a library when I wrote that. I was clearly in an extremely silly mood…:)

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