Lack of Lustral

Antidepressants, fun with depression, Charlie Castor

I have recently started taking an anti-depressant called Lustral, an unfortunate name in my opinion, given that one of the predominant side-effects from taking these types of anti-depressants is lack of sexual interest. Prozac is a great name for an anti-depressant; it makes you think of positive words, such as “proactive”, or “professional”. The name lustral just makes me think of lust. I can’t say I’ve been feeling an increase in lust whilst on this medication.

I think the branding team for Lustral could have done a bit better.  I wonder what names were rejected before they settled on Lustral. Depressive people have usually had someone tell them to “perk up” at some point in time. If I were on the branding team for an anti-depressant, I’d suggest Perkup. I’ve even designed the packaging, as you can see in the picture above. Perkup gets straight to the point. We want our moods lifted, and we want it now. Try Perkup today, and get your mood sorted.


2 thoughts on “Lack of Lustral”

  1. I just saw an advert on tv for a drug called “Abilify”. The advert implies, i guess, that Abilify makes people suffering from depression, you guessed it, ‘able’ to be productive. It reminded me of this post.

  2. Crikey, Abilify is a better name than Lustral but it’s desperately corny. What are these branding teams thinking? At least there isn’t advertising for anti-depressants on TV in Britain. I remember finding it really strange seeing adverts for anti-depressants on TV when I was in ‘Merica, especially when half of the advert consisted in reading out a list of side-effects. Thanks for the comment! 🙂

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